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Walk in Freezers

Walk-in freezers are a type of large freezer into which people can walk. Walk-in freezers typically store food items, though they may also store liquids, at or below the freezing point of water. Usually, they maintain temperatures around the range of -9℉ to 0℉, though some maintain even lower temperatures. Walk-in coolers are important to and frequently used in settings including: grocery stores, convenience stores, breweries, restaurants, floral shops and floral markets and food warehouses. Read More…Request for Quote

Walk in Freezers Walk-in freezers are a type of large freezer into which people can walk. Walk-in freezers typically store food items, though they may also store liquids, at or below the freezing point of water.

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Russells Technical Products has been designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers since 1972. With over 150 years of combined management experience, our company provides its customers with quality environmental test systems and advanced manufacturing techniques. Russells offers a variety of standard and custom designed chambers to meet your exact specifications.

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For over 78 years, we have been providing environmental testing solutions helping manufacturers across multiple industries provide safe & reliable products.

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We offer a wide spectrum of reliable and satisfactory environmental chambers. Our engineers use the latest technologies to develop Solar Panel, Salt Fog, Dust, Temperature, Humidity, Oven, and Walk-In test chambers.

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We have been developing environmental chambers since 1979 and we guarantee our designs are ideal for your business. We are an industry leader and our goal is to offer you with ongoing customer support every step of the way.

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Innovative design, robust construction, and superior performance make the Tenney line of environmental test chambers and rooms ideal for all of your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, and thermal shock applications, and more.

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Walk-in freezers are covered in insulated panels, which are usually sourced from a prefab construction that allows for quick and accurate assembly. These modular panels are typically constructed from an insulating core and inner and outer metal skins. Two of the materials used most commonly to make the core of these panels are rigid extruded polystyrene and foamed in place polyurethane. Walk-in freezers also frequently feature tongue and groove panel edges with cam action locking systems. They are usually finished on the interior and exterior with heavy gauge steel, like 26 gauge stainless steel or galvanized steel. Stainless steel galvanized steel finished walls may feature embellishments such as stucco embossing, bright stucco embossing or tan stucco embossing. Not all walk-in freezers have to have floors, but if they do, the floor is commonly also made from a strong steel such as 16 gauge stainless steel. In the place of floors, many manufacturers offer floor screeds, or coverings, made from from vinyl or a similar material. Those interested in investing in one or more walk-in freezers must consider a number of different application-specific factors, such as the type and volume of goods they plan to store in their freezers, the amount and type of space they have in which to install their freezers, how frequently they plan to access their freezers and whether or not they plan on wheeling carts or trolleys into their freezers.

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Considerations such as these help walk-in freezer manufacturers decide what type and amount of insulation the freezers require, the maximum and minimum temperatures at which the freezers should operate, what type of flooring the freezers require and what type of doors the freezers require. Walk-in freezers are available in standard and custom designs, and they may be delivered with a variety of certifications, including those from UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). For more information and the best advice, contact a walk-in freezer specialist and discuss your specifications.