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Test chamber repair –
The repair of a testing chamber must be completed by a trained technician who has both ISO 17025 certification as well as National Institute of Standards and Technology certification. These credentials verify that the technician has met the required criteria as established by the United States government. Repair of a testing chamber involves several steps that include calibration, updating, and the examination of data settings. If the chamber is used to create environments with excessively low temperatures, the refrigeration unit has to be checked as well.
All testing chamber manufacturers offer an extensive maintenance plan that includes regular visits by a certified technician. These agreements are written into the purchase agreement as a protection for the customer. Depending on the size and use of the testing chamber, the technician may visit weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. Since testing chambers are very sensitive data collection devices, it is necessary to have them properly maintained for peak performance.
The first step in the maintenance process is a calibration of the temperature and pressure to find any fluctuations or variances. The process is completed using instrumentation specifically designed for the type of testing chamber. A major component of the process is an examination of the airflow, which is critical for both high and low temperatures.
For high temperatures, an even airflow is necessary for equal distribution of the heat in the chamber. Inconsistent and interrupted airflow can taint data and provide inaccurate results. With the refrigeration unit, air must pass evenly over the cooling coils to ensure that the necessary temperatures are reached. A technician will adjust and clean heating and cooling elements as well as test the passage of air.
In rare cases, repairs may require the testing unit to be returned to the manufacturer for an overhaul. This typically happens when a chamber has had extensive use over long periods of time. In essence, the factory will rebuild the chamber by updating its parts, data collection, and other means that will improve its performance.
Though a trained technician is the best way to deal with testing chamber issues, users of the chamber can do regular checks of the unit to ensure it is working properly. As with any technical device, this begins by studying the user’s manual and adhering to proper procedures as stipulated by the manufacturer. Regardless, these everyday housekeeping activities ensure that the unit is providing accurate data but do not replace the need for a trained technician.
To get the most from a testing chamber, it is important to have it evaluated for upgrading or repair. Manufacturers have processes in place to keep a testing chamber running at peak performance.

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