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Refurbished test chambers are used test chambers that have been restored, repaired or updated and then placed back on the market for sale. Test chambers themselves are enclosures in which various products are placed so that their responses to certain short term and long term environmental conditions and changes and circumstantial events, such stress, impact and vibration, can be tested. Tests are run to assess product quality, reliable and durability. Manufacturers apply the information they learn during these tests by changing product design as necessary before they hit the market. Read More…Request for Quote

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Refurbished test chambers are a great choice for manufacturers for a number of reasons. First, of course, refurbished test chambers are generally less expensive than brand-new test chambers. At the same time, because test chamber suppliers must make sure their products meet national and industry standards, such as ASTM International or or International Organization for Standardization (ISO), they do not suffer any quality loss. Refurbished test chambers can also be customized to fit the needs of an application. In addition, test chamber refurbishment is not limited to only a few models. Rather, all kinds of test chambers can be refurbished. Some examples of test chambers that are regularly refurbished include temperature chambers, cryogenic chambers, AGREE chambers, altitude chambers, walk-in test chambers and thermal shock chambers. Temperature chambers, as their name suggests, are used to test the effects of a product’s exposure to extreme temperatures.

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Similarly, cryogenic chambers test a product’s stability in the face of extremely low temperatures, typically between -238℉ and absolute zero. AGREE test chambers can likewise test temperature effects, but they usually focus on fast and extreme temperature changes. They can also provide vibration and humidity testing. Altitude chambers, again, focus on what their name suggests: product responses to altitude and altitude changes. Next, walk-in test chambers are large enclosures used to test environmental conditions and changes on products like airplanes, tanks, submarines or aerospace equipment. They may be as large as an entire building. Finally, thermal shock chambers measure the strain and stress placed on a product by sudden and drastic temperature changes. All of these chambers can be refurbished with new parts, changes that bring them up to date and/or customizations. Whether tests are being run on electronics, cigarettes, aerospace parts, food processing equipment, packaging, make up, car parts or military vehicles, refurbished test chambers offer manufacturers accurate, reliable and economical product testing capabilities.