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In the development of a product, testing is a crucial part of the process and involves putting the product through several different conditions to ensure that it is capable of performing up to its advertised abilities. For some products, that require endurance and durability, such as airplane parts, delicate machinery, and medical equipment, it is necessary to place them in harsh environments to assess their potential. In these cases, a testing chamber can be an important part of the evaluation process.
There are many testing chambers on the market that come in a variety of sizes designed for specific functions. The purchase of a testing chamber can depend on the amount of outlay a company wishes to make since new testing chambers are several thousand dollars depending on the size. A refurbished testing chamber that has been repurposed by a refurbishing company is a perfect alternative since it can provide the same data as a new chamber.
Refurbished testing chambers are engineered to provide accurate and precise data about a product. For this reason, used chambers are put through a strictly regulated process that carefully examines and assesses the chamber for flaws, inaccuracies, and potential problems. The first step in the process begins when the chamber is taken from its original owner. Any contaminates such as refrigerants or chemicals are immediately removed to avoid potential difficulties during transport.
At the refurbishing site, the chamber is put through a rigorous inspection to assess the need for replacement components and removal of outdated or damaged ones. The inspection process examines the most minuscule parts of the chamber from the walls and panels to the data collection device. In a sense, the used testing chamber is being rebuilt from a shell to a fully functioning piece of equipment.
Every refurbishing company has specific requirements regarding the factors needed before a chamber can be put up for resale. In most cases, there are twenty components that have to be inspected, tested and approved with the main emphasis on the adjustment of the data collecting components to ensure they are providing accurate information.
The final phase of the refurbishing process is a thorough cleaning to remove any contaminates that may have accumulated during the refurbishing process. Data from a testing chamber can be skewed by inefficient cleaning. Once cleaned, the chamber is ready to have its applications checked.
Every testing chamber has a different function from measuring pressure tolerances to temperature variations. The final assessment process puts the chamber through all of its required functions and is adjusted to fit specific parameters. If a chamber does not meet expectations, it is returned to the refurbishing process to eliminate any flaws.
Refurbished testing chambers are a very attractive alternative to purchasing a new one. They provide the same valuable data at a lower cost. The prices of refurbished chambers varies depending on the size and can go from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand for walk in chambers. Regardless, refurbished testing chambers are an economical alternative for testing a product.

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